What is KCl storage solution?

What is KCl storage solution?

KCl storage solution protects your pH meter and pH electrode from drying and keeps the electrode in optimal condition when it is not in use. It is recommended to store your pH meter or pH electrode in KCl storage solution every time it is not in use.

KCl Storage solution can also be used for the protection and preservation of Redox or ORP electrodes. They are often used together with pH electrodes and can be stored in the same KCl Storage Solution. 

Buy our KCl storage solution online. Our KCl storage solution is compatible with every brand and manufacturer of pH meter and pH electrode. 

How to use KCl Storage Solution?

  1. Clean the pH electrode after use.
  2. Fill the end-cap of the pH electrode with KCl Storage Solution.
  3. Make sure the Electrode is fully submerged in the liquid.
  4. Tighten the end-cap and store in a dry and dark place. 

For pH meter we recommend adding a few drops of KCl Storage solution to the end-cap, every time you don't use the pH meter. 

Using KCl Storage solution will improve the quality of your pH measurements and it will increase the lifespan of your sensitive pH electrode. It is therefore a standard practice and highly recommended.