More About ORP

More About ORP

On this page we have grouped together a lot of interesting information about ORP (Redox) We hope you find this information handy. ORP is a very complicated process and not very easy to explain to most users. We try to keep our explanation of the oxidation reduction potential as plain as possible. 

What is ORP?

More information about What is orp? What does it stand for, how does it work and what are the industries and applications that use an ORP Meter. ORP is also called Redox or Oxidation Reduction Potential in full. 

How To measure ORP?

How do you measure ORP? What instruments can you use to measure ORP or Redox? More background information on ORP meters and ORP electrodes used to measure the Oxidation Reduction Potential. 

ORP Meters

ORP is measured with an ORP Meter or ORP Tester. These instruments are designed to measure the oxidation reduction potential in a liquid and the measurement is measured in micro-volts. 

ORP Electrodes

ORP Electrodes are special probes designed to measure the ORP of Redox level and are often used in water treatment industries like swimming pools and aquariums. Our ORP Electrodes have high accuracy, long lifespan and have technologies and components from Switzerland. 

How to calibrate an ORP Meter

ORP Meters and ORP Electrodes are calibrated with ORP Calibration Buffer this is a special reference liquid or calibration buffer designed for ORP or Redox calibration. Remember to store your ORP meter in KCl storage solution designed for ORP meters and ORP electrodes. KCL Storage solution for ORP Meter and ORP Electrode

How to calibrate an ORP Electrode

You calibrate an ORP Electrode with ORP Calibration buffer for Redox probes and electrodes. Click the title to find out more about the calibration of ORP Electrodes.