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Replacement pH electrode

More and more swimming pools, spa's and aquariums are equipped with an automated dosing system, micro-beer breweries are opening up everywhere and we don't use soil anymore, but Hydroponics.

All these activities use equipment that measures and monitors the pH level. This has led to a significant increase in consumers looking for a reliable and affordable pH electrode to replace their old one.

That is exactly what we offer, a highly affordable yet reliable pH electrode that is the perfect replacement and compatible with all pH electrodes that use the standard BNC-connection. 

Read more in detail about pH electrodes here.

PH Electrode for Pool and Aquarium

Our pH electrode is the perfect replacement for your pool and aquarium. Fast, accurate and reliable pH measurement, a 150cm cable and designed to be used in pressurized systems. (like swimming pool pipes) 

Thanks to the universal BNC-Connection, you can replace your old pH electrode of all well-known manufacturers: Zodiac, Sugar Valley, Innowater, Astral, JBL, Hayward, Seko, Micro-Dos, Prominent, Hanna Instruments, Mettler Toledo…

PH Electrode: Calibration and storage

Calibrating your pH electrode on a regular basis is absolutely vital for maintaining accurate pH measurements. Only calibrate your pH electrode with certified and fresh pH Calibration Solution. We recommend to calibrate your pH electrode every month as a minimum or each time you require the highest accuracy. Always read the manual of your pH electrode before calibration and follow the steps carefully.

Your pH electrode is delivered with a plastic protective cap, filled with a KCl Storage solution. Designed to keep the sensitive glass pH electrode hydrated and fresh. It is absolutely important you put this cap back on the pH electrode after each use. You must never allow your pH electrode to dry.

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