KCl Storage Solution

Keep your pH electrode and ORP electrode in optimal condition with our KCl Storage Solution for electrodes. Designed for the storage and maintenance of your sensitive pH meter and pH probe electrode. KCl storage solution is designed to keep the pH electrode in optimal condition when stored, recharges the electrolyte and prevents it from drying. 

NEVER store your pH probe or pH meter in distilled water. Doing so will damage the ions inside your pH electrode.

KCl Storage Solution how does it work?

If you have taken a careful look to your pH meter or pH probe, you will have noticed that there is a gel inside. This gel, has the exact same mix as KCl Storage Solution. When you place your pH meter or pH electrode into the KCl Solution you are actually recharging the KCl reference solution that is inside your pH electrode. If you recharge your pH electrode regularly, you will get better pH measurements and a longer lifespan of your pH meter or pH probe.

More about KCl Storage Solution

KCl Storage Solution for pH electrode

Have you noticed that your pH electrode always comes with a protective cap, filled with a liquid? This liquid is KCl storage solution and it is there to keep your pH electrode in optimal condition and hydrated when you are not using the probe. Always put the protective cap back on the pH probe when you are not using it. Make sure you fill the protective cap with KCl storage solution and that the entire pH electrode is covered.

KCl Storage Solution for pH meter

The porous glass of your is the most sensitive part of your pH electrode and pH meter. Always clean your pH meter with clean water after each use and add a few drops of KCl storage solution to the protective cap. If the measurements of your pH meter are becoming unstable or incorrect, you can leave your pH meter in the KCl Storage solution for 48 hours.