Conductivity Standard

Conductivity Standard is calibration solution designed for EC Meters, EC Electrodes and their derivatives (TDS, Salt, …). EC (Electric Conductivity) Meters generally require less calibration than pH and ORP instruments. However, as always you need to calibrate your instruments every time you need the most accurate results.

Our Conductivity Standard is produced by Meytec® in Europe and meets all international standards and regulations, both NIST and DIN. It is produced and bottled according to the strictest regulations, contact us if you require a certificate or SDS (Safety Data Sheet) form.

Conductivity Standard EC 1.143 and EC 12.88

We offer the 2 most popular variants of Conductivity Standard available on the market today, both available in our popular 250ml bottle with built-in dispenser, 60ml kits and Sachets. 

  • Conductivity Standard EC 1413 µS/cm
  • Conductivity Standard EC 12880 µS/cm

Conductivity Standard for EC meter and EC Electrode

You use conductivity standard in the same way you would use any other calibration solution. You can either use our Meytec® premium conductivity standard 250ml with built-in dispenser and calibrate directly in the bottle or you can fill a small clean cup with enough conductivity standard so that your electrode is completely submerged in the liquid.

Read The Manual of your EC Meter or EC Electrode and always follow the manufacturers advice on how to calibrate. Follow all the steps carefully and make sure your conductivity standard is fresh and valid.