Buffer Solutions

 Welcome to our website. For over 5 years we are specializing in the online sales of premium, certified buffer solutions and measuring instruments. We offer a wide range of NIST-Traceable PH, ORP and EC Buffer Solutions for professional use or private customers who want to calibrate with the highest level of accuracy possible.

A quick overview of what we have to offer:

PH Buffer Solution for pH meter and pH electrode

if you want to keep your pH meter or pH electrode measuring accurately, you will need to calibrate it as often as possible. Owners of swimming pools and aquariums know very well how important an accurately calibrated pH meter of pH electrode is

We offer a wide range of premium pH calibration solutions, from clever bottles with a built-in dispenser, calibration kits and popular sachets. Whatever option you require, with Meytec® premium calibration solutions you are guaranteed accuracy time and time again.  

ORP Buffer Solution for ORP meter and ORP electrode

ORP meters and ORP Electrodes are calibrated with ORP Buffer Solution. Our professional ORP Buffer Solution with 475mV is available in 250ml, calibration kits, or sachets. 

ORP buffer Solution is especially used in swimming pools to measure the desinfection potential of the water. The higher the ORP level, the higher the desinfection potential. This is why Pool and Spa owners regularly calibrate their ORP Electrode and ORP Meter. 

Conductivity Standard for EC meter and EC electrode

Electrical Conductivity (EC) meters require a special buffer solution, known as a conductivity standard. It is used a lot in the cultivation of plants and vegetables as a way to measure the nutrients in the water.

Our Meytec® premium conductivity standard for EC meter calibration is suitable for an exact calibration of both EC Meters and EC Electrodes. 

KCl Storage Solution for PH/ORP Electrodes

PH and ORP electrodes usually already come with a protective cap that keeps the electrode nice and moist during transport or storage. The liquid inside this protective cap is KCl storage solution.

Designed to protect and to hydrate your PH and ORP Electrodes during storage, increasing their lifespan and accuracy.